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Parkrose Montessori is the perfect place for your child if you are looking these three components.

Montessori Method:

As Montessorian we know the prepared environment according to the developmental needs of the specific stages of development is an important component in the educational process. Our activities are designed for the use and active participation of the child through manipulation, repetition and creative use. Through observation we are able to help those in search of an activity or those in need of appropriate assistance. We help your child to be independent by helping them to feel capable. We give them the love for learning that will be with them forever. In our classroom we focuses on the process and not the product.

There are three basic rules in our classroom: we will not allow them to do something to hurts themselves, others, or the classroom materials.

Our discipline is focused on the positive with natural consequences for their actions.

Bilingual Environment:

One-half to two-thirds of people around the world speak at least two languages (Zelasko and Antunez, 2000), so they have more opportunities to get information for more places, learn more about cultures and more job opportunities. 

Starting to expose your child to other languages during early childhood is an important decision for each family with incredible benefits for a child.

In Parkrose Montessori School we introduce the second language (Spanish) in stage making it part of the child routine and school life. When children feel confortable and confident we create as immersion sitting for them, when the second language come as a natural process.

The bilingual experience appears to influence the brain from infancy to old age improving the brain’s so-called executive functions – a command system that directs the attention processes that we use for planning, solving problems and preforming various others mentally demanding tasks. These processes include ignoring distraction to stay focused, switching attention willfully, from one thing to another and holding information in mind- like remembering a sequence of direction while driving.


Studying different culture, tradition and language is part of Montessori philosophy. Through cooking project, books, music, your child learns about different country and people. Learning to treat other, as you want to be treat is a valuable point of work in our school. Parkrose Montessori School does not discriminate against any race, color, nationality, ethnicity, marital status gender, sexual orientation, class, age, or religion.


The vision of Parkrose Montessori School is to provide a bilingual (Spanish-English) Montessori experience for children between three months and six years old. 

  • Provide a prepared, bilingual, respectful, lovely diverse and inclusive environment to children from three month to six years old.

  • Provide a high Montessori education to the children in our program through high quality of trained staff.

  • Support our families to incorporate the Montessori philosophy at home and involve them in different and diversity school activities.


  • To give the children the love for learning through a prepared environment and trained staff that will be with them forever.

  • Families participate in different educational activities that help them to support their child at home incorporating the Montessori philosophy, also offering other activities in coordination with different agency like Mental Heath, Department of Children and Families, Human Society etc

  • Support our teacher continuing their professional development troughs different training in our community, Colleges or University in Early Childhood Education and Montessori Philosophy.

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