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Summer Camp 2020

This year 2020 our Summer Camp has 13 week starting from June 1st until August 26th.

Our kids will learn about our community helper, gardening,  farming etc. 

Early care and after care available with extra charge.

Bilingual Curriculum per Week


June 1-5 Summer Camp Introduction

Adjusting to environment

New regulations in site.


June 8 - 12: White week

Theme: Magic words (greeting, apologies, goodbye and thanks)

Color: White

Testing white food and dress with clothes on Thursday.


June 15-19: Red week

Theme: Community helper (Firefighter, doctor, nurse, pilot)

Color: Red

Testing red food and dress with red clothes on Thursday


June 22-26 Orange week

Theme: Farm (animals, dresses, food)

Color: Orange

Testing orange food and dress with orange clothes on Thursday


June 29-July 3: Yellow week

Theme: Planets (Earth, sun, moon)

Color: Yellow

Testing yellow food and dress with orange clothes on Thursday


July 6 -10

Theme: Forest (animals, plants, food)

Color: Green

Testing green food and dress with green clothes on Thursday


July 13-17

Theme: Ocean (animals, clothes, transportations)

Color: Blue

Testing blue food and dress with blue clothes on Thursday


July 20-24

Theme: Garden (flowers, vegetables, fruits)

Color: Brown

Testing brown food and dress with brown clothes on Thursday


July 27-31

Theme: Continents (culture, animals, foods, dress)

Colors: Black

Testing black food and dress with black clothes on Thursday


Aug 3-7

Theme: Legos (origin, building skill, fine motor)

Colors: Purple

Testing purple food and dress with purple clothes on Thursday


Aug 10-14

Theme: flowers

Colors: pink

Testing pink food and dress with pink clothes on Thursday

Aug 17-21

Theme: Weather (rain, wind, snow, hot, cold)

Colors: Rainbow

Work on tie dye

Testing rainbow food and dress with rainbow clothes on Thursday

Aug 24-26

Final week

August 27th = Teacher Planning day

August 28th = Teacher Planning day with Parent Education day

August 31st to Sept 4th: Summer Break

This year, PMS is offering a Summer Program for kids from 7 to 12 years old. This program will run with Elementary Kids from 1st grade to 6 grade and we will integrated academic topics with fun outdoor activities.


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Spaces are limited