Our Staff

Parkrose Montessori staff is a wonderful group of professional and pasional teachers that provide the best work partnering with parents guiding and preparing our kids for the future. Most of our staff are Spanish speaker and hold high qualifications that make the difference in the life of our kids! 


Teacher Yosuany Guerra

Teacher Yosuany Guerra is the School Director and Infant and Toddler Montessori Lead Guide.

Yosuany is a native Spanish speaker from Cuba, graduated as Medical Doctor (MD) from the medical school in 1999. After 8 years of practice as MD in his country he decided to move to USA. Adapting to new life as immigrant he started working as Montessori teacher assistant and very soon he found a lot of coincident with Maria Montessori live and fall in love with her philosophy. After few years as teacher assistant, he went into training and he was certified as Montessori Lead Guide focused on Infant and Toddler. Yosuany is trained in the management and support of children with learning differences within a Montessori environment.  He enjoys spending time with his family especially with his kids. Also he likes to cook and gardening.

Infant Program

Ms Lianny Acosta

Ms Lianny Acosta is our Infant Lead Guide

Ms Lianny is a native Spanish speaker from Cuba where she was graduated with a Degree in Art focus on performance  and dance. She had been working with kids during the last 5 years as Art Teacher helping the kids to express with their body their feelings. She has worked in multiples art shows with kids. In her free time she likes to watch TV, goes shopping and sleeps. She is into her practicum of her Montessori training. Soon she will be graduated from HAHTEP and AMS as Infant and Toddler Guide.

Ms Mayelin Tumbeiro

Ms Mayelin Tumbeiro is our Infant Assistant.


Ms Mayelin  is a native Spanish speaker from Cuba, graduated with a Master in Education. She has a lot of years of experience working with kids from 1 to 7 years old. She worked with primary kids for 6 years. After her daughter has her first baby, she decided to focus on younger kids and she worked for few years with them. She enjoys to work with Infant and Toddler and she is interesting to get a Montessori Certification.

She spend her free time with her husband reading books, and  cooking. She also likes to go shopping and listens to music.

Ms Luciana Lucen

Ms Luciana Lucen is our Infant Assistant.

Ms Luciana is a native Spanish Speaker from Peru where she worked in different areas of communication. She moved to USA reciente with her family. She likes to spend time with her family. Now she is taking ESL class at Ht Hood Community Cologues.

Ms Dalia Delgado

Ms Dalia Delgado is our Infant flutter and Sub.

Ms Dalia is a native Spanish Speaker from Cuba where she worked as Social Worker for few years. When she moved to US, she worked with us for 3 years and for reason out of her hand she left our school for few months. After it, she decided to returned but with less hours, so she is now our sub.

She enjoys to spend time with her husband and go shopping. 

Ms Yubi Barrios

Toddler House Program

Ms Yubi Barrios is a Certificated Infant and Toddler Montessori Lead Guide.


Ms Yubi  is a native Spanish speaker from Cuba, graduated with a Master in Biology . When she moved to USA with her family she found a job in a Montessori School and she fall in loved with the philosophy. In 2014, she graduated as Infant and Toddler Montessori Lead guide having more than 6 years experience working with kids.

She spend her free time with her husband cooking or shopping. She also likes to watch TV and listens to music.

Ms Suleidy Perez Torna

Ms Sisy is our Toddler Teacher Assistant

Ms Sisy is a native Spanish speaker from Cuba where she worked for many years as hospitality and tourism. After she became mom, she decided to change her professional life and focus in child care field. She worked with kids from 3 to 9 years old for around 6 years in Cuba as pre-school assistant and teacher. She hold a degree in pre-school Education from Cuba. She moved to USA in 2015 with her husband. She enjoys to work with kids and in her free time she likes to watch TV shopping and enjoys time with her family.

Ms Dailybel Gonzalez

Ms Dailybel is our Toddler Teacher Assistant.


Ms Dailybel is a native Spanish speaker from Cuba where she worked for few years in an accounting office. After she moved to US and meet her stepson, she discover that work with kids is her passion. She brings her energy and happiness to our school every day. During her free time, she loves to watch movies, cook and goes shopping.

Ms Diana Guillermo

Ms Diana is our Toddler Teacher Assistant. 


Ms Diana is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico. She came to US when she was a child with her parent. During her Hight School year she took care of her sister sometime and she discovered her passion for this career. When she finished her School she when to Mt Hood Community Coleges where she finished her associate in Early Childhood Education. She want to move to PSU to finish her degree and Master in Education. 

She loves to spend time with her family specially with her sister.

Primary Program

Teacher Victor Ramirez

Teacher Victor Ramirez is our Primary Lead Guide.


Teacher Victor is our bilingual lead Guide in our Sunset Primary classroom.  He was born in Mexico and move to US when he was a child. He started working with kids around 8 year ago after he had his two daughters and lear the importance of early education. He got graduated from MOATEP and AMS this years after 3 years of continues Education. 

He loves to spend time with her daughter and camping with his family.

Teacher Valentin Torres

Teacher Valentin is our Primary Teacher Assistant.

Mr Valentin is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico. He has more than 12 years experience working with kids in different programs. He is working in a Montessori environment for the last 8 years. 

He brings to our classroom his passion and patient for the kids and a lot art project that the kids love. 

Ms Rosaura Pineda

Heading 1

Ms Rosaura is our Primary Teacher Assistant.


Ms Rosaura is a native Spanish speaker from Venezuela where she worked as designer for few years. When she moved to US she worked on some Public School in Vancouver, WA where she discovered her interesting and importance of education and support children develop so she decided to work on child care area.

She brings her lovely passion to the kids every day to our school. In her free time, she enjoys to spent time with her sons, cooking or playing together. 

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