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Our Staff

Parkrose Montessori school has a wonderful group of professional and pasional teachers that work in partnership with the families guiding and preparing the kids for the future.
Most of our staff are Spanish speaker and hold high qualifications that make the difference in the life of our kids! 


Teacher Yosuany Guerra

Teacher Yosuany Guerra is the School Director. He hold Infant and Toddler Montessori Certificate from AMS and Children House Montessori Certificate from CGMS. Also is graduated from 

Yosuany is a native Spanish speaker from Cuba, graduated as Medical Doctor (MD) from the medical school in 1999. After 8 years of practice as an MD in his country he decided to move to the USA. Adapting to a new life as an immigrant he started working as Montessori teacher assistant and very soon he found a lot of coincident with Maria Montessori's live and fell in love with her philosophy. After a few years as teacher assistant, he went into training and was certified as Montessori Lead Guide focused on Infant and Toddler. Yosuany is also trained in the management and support of children with learning differences within a Montessori environment.  He enjoys spending time with his family, especially his kids. Also he likes to cook and garden.

Ms Mayelin Tumbeiro

Infant Program


Ms Mayelin Tumbeiro is our Infant Assistant.


Ms Mayelin is a native Spanish speaker from Cuba, and graduated with a Masters in Education. She has a lot of years of experience working with kids ages 1 to 7 years old. She worked with primary kids for 6 years. After her daughter had her first baby, she decided to focus on younger kids and she has worked for 5 years with Infant and Toddlers. She enjoys working with them and she is interested in getting a Montessori Certification.

She spends her free time with her husband reading books, and  cooking. She also likes to go shopping and listen to music.

Ms Valmis Burgos

Boigraphy comming soon

Ms Yenima Perez

Ms Dianela Osorio


Ms Dianela Osorio is our Admin assisitant and Infant Sub.

Ms Dianela is a native Spanish Speaker from Cuba where she worked as account manager for few years. When she moved to US, she started working with us and decided to change her carrier into Child field. She is working supporting admin rols and also supporting our Infant program too. 

Ms Lianny Acosta

Toddler House Program


Ms Lianny Acosta is our Toddler House Lead Guide

Ms Lianny is a native Spanish speaker from Cuba where she graduated with a Degree in Art focusing on performance  and dance. She had been working with kids during the last 5 years as Art Teacher helping the kids to express thier feeling through dance and movement. She has worked in multiple art shows with kids. In her free time she likes to watch TV, and goes shopping. She is finished her Montessori training and she be graduated as Infant and Toddler Lead Guide.

Ms Dailybel Gonzalez


Ms Dailybel is our Toddler Co-Teacher.


Ms Dailybel is a native Spanish speaker from Cuba where she worked for a few years in an accounting office. After she moved to US and met her stepson, she discovered that working with kids is her passion. She brings her energy and happiness to our school every day. During her free time, she loves to watch movies, cook and go shopping. Ms Dailybel is part of the HAHTEP program this year and soon she will graduated as Montessori Infant and Toddler Lead Guide.

Ms Lillian Fuentes

Ms Lilliam Fuentes is our Toddler Teacher Assistant.

Ms Lilliam is a native Spanish speaker from Cuba. She has been working with kids for a few years in Cuba and Florida before she started with us. After starting as a Teacher Assistant with us, she started learning about the Montessori philosophy, and found that she loves it. She wants to learn more about the Montessori approach. Lilliam has a beautiful family with 2 kids. In her free time she likes to spend time with her family and workout.

Ms Ana Guzman

Biography comming soon

Ms Sisy Perez


Biography comming soon

Primary Program

Ms Bertha Aguirre

Ms. Bertha Aguirre is our Primary Lead Guide in Forest Room.


Ms. Bertha is from Mexico and came to us with years of experience working as assistant and Lead Guide in Montessori environments. She is looking to finish her training with AMS in the next months. She has 3 daughters and through this experience she learned the importance of early education. 

She loves to spend time with her daughters and his dog and go shopping with his family.

Teacher Victor Ramirez

Ms. Kellys Sosa is our Primary Assistant in Forest Room.


Ms. Kellys is from Colombia and came to us with years of experience working as assistant in Montessori environments. She will start her Montessori training soon, but she has taken a lot of training related to our philosophy and is open to learn more and more. 

She loves to spend time with her husband, go to concert and dance too.

Teacher Valentin Torres


Teacher Valentin is our Primary Lead Guide in Sunset Room.

Mr Valentin is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico. He has more than 14 years experience working with kids in different programs and has been working in a Montessori environment for the last 10 years. 

He brings to our classroom his passion and patience for the kids and a lot of art projects that the kids love. In his free time, he likes to cook and go camping with his family. 

Ms Patricia Fonseca

Ms Patricia Fonseca is our Primary Teacher Assistant.


Ms Patty is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico. She came to our school many years of experience working with kids with different backgrounds and special need. She is a great addition to our team and balances our philosophy and her experience in Special Education. 

In her free time, she enjoys to spending time with her plants, working on the garden and cooking. 

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