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Primary Program


Our Primary Program provides the child concrete experience and information about the world. The child is allowed to progress through the curriculum at his/her own pace and interest level. Our program addresses the whole child including their intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. Activities are provided which foster the development of order, concentration, coordination and independence. Respect and responsibility are fostered in our kids everyday. 

Areas of work in our Primary Program: 

PRACTICAL LIFE: They are designed to foster independence, self control, hand-eye coordination of the hand and eye and order.

SENSORIAL: All five senses are utilized as the child learns to make finer distinctions in quality and gradation. The sensorial materials assist the child in learning to differentiate between sizes, colors, weights, forms, textures, musical sounds, odors and tastes.

LANGUAGE:  A phonetic approach to reading is incorporated with a sight, sound and touch presentation of the alphabet. Spanish is offered daily as part of our bilingual education.

MATHEMATICS: Is a continuation of the earlier sensorial material integration. The child works from the concrete towards abstraction through repeated sensorial impressions of geometry, relationships of quantity, and the process of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.

PHYSICAL AND LIFE SCIENCE: Includes the study of plants and animals the development of a healthy respect for nature and an appreciation of the interrelation of all things.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Includes the study of geography and history. Through the puzzle map, experiments, and the exploration of the world globe, the guide helps the child expand their awareness and puts the child in touch with the world.

ART, MUSIC AND MOVEMENT: Art appreciation, as well as creative expression and exploration are part of our daily curriculum. Children have the need to move their bodies and a natural affinity for rhythm. Music and movement support the child's development of body awareness and rhythm through line activities, finger play, songs and musical activities.

GARDENING: Gardening helps to increase environmental awareness by allowing students to form connections to the natural world through hands-on experience. It provides children the opportunity to understand that by working together and caring and nurturing for the environment we can have a positive impact. Food and seeds from the garden are also used for programming. 

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