Our Toddler Program is based on the respect of the child and his or her development needs. Through observation, we are able to help those in search of an activity or those in need of appropriate assistant. We refrain from doing for the children what they can do for themselves, offering opportunities to acquire the skills necessary for independence. We help the child be independent by helping them feel capable! Our Montessori classroom sets them up for success with self-correction materials and the freedom to explore their specially prepared environment. We will provide a safe and secure environment, showing them we will love them unconditional as they find their sense of self.  We will read to children and have a lot of book for them to explore on their own. We do avoid fantasy during theses first three years so that they cab develop a better sense of understanding their place in the world. Artwork will be available for viewing and we will expose your child to a variety of creative activities and fine art.

PRACTICAL LIFE: Toddler want to be an active member in their community so through teaching to control of movement, care of person and environment in a Montessori classroom, we support their growing and develop.

SENSORIAL: Through exploration of their sense, toddler could have different experiences: smelling different essences, tasting different foods, feeling textures, differentiating sounds, and observing all the world around him.

LANGUAGE: Communication is one of most important area in toddler. They are leaning new word everyday in the environment or through conversations with peers and teachers.

MATH: Order is an important area of work with toddler.  They learn sequences and prepare for academic math.

ART, MUSIC AND MOVEMENT: creative expression and exploration are part of our daily curriculum. Music and movement support the child development in body awareness and rhythm through line activities, finger play, songs and music activities.

GARDENING: Gardening help to increase environmental awareness by allowing students to form environmental attitudes through hands-on experience.